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Adapted From pathfinderwiki- Druma
The Theocracy of Badia is a land glutting itself on the wealth of trade, ruled by the high prophet of a strange, secular religion that values wealth and trade above any deity. This religion permeates every level of Badian society, as followers of the Prophecies favor each other in all business deals. While other religions are tolerated in Badia, their followers rarely go far, as the majority of the Enlightened Council which runs Badia is made up of followers of the Prophecy.
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Subsidiary Organizations
Neighboring Nations

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  • 4170 ZA

    4157 ZA

    Taldor's Second Expidition

    Their efforts were enlarged by the Second Army of Exploration in 499 AR, who traveled farther than the first, all the way to the edges of Badia. The army greatly expanded both the military and economic reach of the empire by building numerous supply depots, many of which eventually grew into larger settlements.


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