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Fairy Tattos

Many of the fairy's have tattoos or marking of some kind or another. These range from markings humans would recognize, which look like the ink marking they often make on their own skin, to marks that look little more than freckles or brushed on glitter.

Lake Tribe

The lake tribe often uses blues and greens with organic almost scale like patterns. Many times the scales will resemble their fish of choice which may mean they opt for even brighter colors. They also tend to infuse their markings with a glitter like substance which gives the appearance of being wet along with an effect that makes them shine in the sun.

Forest Tribe

The forest tribe often uses earthen tones and organic patterns that seem to grow from their joints like vines. The patterns often wrap around their limbs weaving and interconnecting often looking tangled until one looks closer at which point they see each line makes up a single tapestry.

Mountain Tribe

The mountain tribe tribe often uses geometric shapes and patterns clustered in larger groups. The groups of patterns generally signify a single event or evolve over the course of the fairly's life. One major exception are the Hawk Riders who adorn themselves with feather like markings.

Mud Tribe Unlike the other tribes the Mud Tribes individualism means there


The purpose of the tattoos vary slightly between the tribes but, the common themes include marking and memorializing the Lunar Month the fairy was born under. They can also memorialize significant events that happened in either their birth year, experiences that help shaped them, or other symbols that are too personal to generalize between the tribes.

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