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Tanya Baker

Tanya Baker

Tanya has a practical and no-nonsense appearance, with short blonde hair held up in a bun and a pair of sharp black eyes that often seem to be assessing the situation. She wears the standard uniform of the guild, complete with a sash adorned with various guild badges. Her posture exudes efficiency, and she always keeps a quill and a stack of papers close at hand.   Tanya comes from a family that has served the Havenport Adventurers Guild for generations. Growing up amidst tales of heroic deeds and daring escapades, she developed a strong sense of duty toward the guild. As a guild clerk, Tanya is meticulous, organized, and highly efficient. She takes pride in ensuring that all paperwork is in order, quests are properly recorded, and adventurers have the resources they need.   Despite her no-nonsense exterior, Tanya genuinely cares about the well-being of the adventurers. She is known to discreetly provide useful tips and information to those she deems trustworthy. Tanya is loyal to the guild and is often the first point of contact for newcomers seeking quests or information.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Missing her right eye, with a series of scars over it.

Special abilities

Efficient Organizer: Tanya excels at managing paperwork, schedules, and other administrative tasks with precision and speed.
Guild Connections: Having grown up in the guild, Tanya has a wide network of contacts, enabling her to efficiently coordinate tasks and disseminate information.
Adventurer Liaison: Tanya possesses the ability to connect with adventurers, offering them practical advice and guiding them to suitable quests.

Apparel & Accessories

Guild Uniform: Standard guild attire with a sash adorned with various guild badges, reflecting Tanya's rank and expertise.
Quill and Inkwell: Tanya always carries a quill and inkwell, ready to document information and keep records.
Efficiency Toolkit: A set of tools, including parchment, seals, and a small filing cabinet, to assist Tanya in her organizational duties.

Accommodating, friendly, but frank

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Lawful Neutral
Current Status
Working hard
Current Location
Year of Birth
2487 23 Years old
Short, blonde, held up in a bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned
Aligned Organization

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