Steven Harley

Steven Harley (a.k.a. Harls, Steve)

Steven has a rugged yet approachable appearance. With dark brown skin and striking blue eyes, he often wears the university's robes adorned with small flame and lightning motifs, reflecting his chosen discipline. His confident stance and focused expression give off an air of determination.   Upon graduation, Steven envisions a career as a magical researcher, exploring the applications of elemental magic in various fields. He also contemplates joining magical expeditions to study the elemental forces in untamed environments, further expanding his understanding of his chosen discipline.

Faculty Mentor: 

Under the mentorship of Professor Lorian Emberforge, an experienced fire mage, Steven receives guidance in refining his control over fire-based spells and understanding the practical applications of flame magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Steven hails from a modest magical family with a history of skilled artisans and enchanters. From an early age, he displayed a natural affinity for elemental magic, particularly fire and lightning. Determined to explore the depths of his magical potential, Steven enrolled at Huppledruff's Arcane University, where he quickly gained recognition for his passion and talent in elemental manipulation.


Academic Pursuits:
Elemental Studies: Steven has excelled in his elemental studies, delving into the intricacies of manipulating fire and lightning. His practical spellcasting demonstrations have garnered attention from both peers and faculty.
Practical Experimentation: Known for his hands-on approach, Steven eagerly participates in magical experiments, pushing the boundaries of elemental manipulation under the supervision of his professors.
Collaborative Projects: Actively engages in collaborative projects with fellow students, exploring the fusion of elemental magic with other disciplines.


Extracurricular Activities:

  Flamecrafters' Guild: An active member of the Flamecrafters' Guild, where students with a passion for fire-related magic exchange ideas, organize events, and refine their skills.   Magical Dueling Club: Enjoys participating in magical dueling competitions, showcasing his prowess in elemental manipulation against other skilled students.

Mental Trauma


  Control over Lightning Magic: While adept in fire manipulation, Steven faces challenges in refining his control over lightning magic, a volatile and unpredictable element that demands precision and focus.   Academic Pressure: Juggling advanced elemental studies, magical experiments, and extracurricular activities can be overwhelming, requiring effective time management.

Intellectual Characteristics

Passionate: Steven is deeply passionate about elemental magic, often losing himself in the intricacies of spellcasting and experimentation.
Determined: Known for his determined nature, he approaches challenges with a steadfast mindset, eager to overcome obstacles in his magical studies.

Personality Characteristics


Steven aspires to become a skilled elemental mage, renowned for his expertise in both fire and lightning manipulation.
He dreams of contributing to magical research, exploring innovative applications of elemental magic for practical use and defense.

Personality Quirks

Elemental Tinkering: Steven enjoys experimenting with magical constructs that embody the essence of fire and lightning, creating small, controlled manifestations of his chosen elements.

A well to do young man. Comes from a middle class family. Hard working to a fault.

Character Location
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Year of Birth
2487 23 Years old
Current Residence
Huppledruff's Arcane University Dorms

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