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Saria (a.k.a. Initiate, Sar, Big Sis Saria)

An orphaned Elf girl who is an Initiate in The Silent Crows. She is a relatively proficient pickpocket and thief, though has yet to prove herself to move up the ranks of the Thieves Guild.   She is Myte's childhood friend, who was last seen being dragged off by the Havenport Guard at the age of thirteen after stealing from a noble.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fit and athletic.

Body Features

Covered in small scars, though they do not seem to affect her much.

Identifying Characteristics

Saria is covered in small uniform scars. From her head to her feet, there is barely an inch of her that does not have a small wound that has healed over time.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Saria grew up with Myte on the streets of Havenport, stealing to make ends meet and stay fed. She has always viewed Myte as more than just a friend and rival, and hopes that they feel the same. The last time they saw each other, Saria was being arrested by the City Guard for stealing from a noble, and has been missing for years since.   She recently returned to Havenport and immediately sought out Myte, learning that they were an unofficial member of The Silent Crows. In an attempt to impress their old friend, Saria decided to join the Thieves Guild and has been trying to move up from the position of Initiate ever since.


Saria started as a pickpocket on the streets of Havenport from a young age. After returning from wherever she had been for the last seven years, she joined The Silent Crows.

Failures & Embarrassments

Being caught stealing from a Noble and arrested in front of Myte.

Mental Trauma

Saria refuses to speak about the time she was missing, no amount of coaxing or threatening able to get her to speak.

Personality Characteristics


Impressing Myte.


Saria is fastidiously clean, keeping her room extremely tidy and organized, and bathing or washing as frequently as she can.


Contacts & Relations

Saria has access to a few members of The Silent Crows, mostly other Initiates.
She was, and hopes to still be, a close friend of Myte's.
Neutral Good
Current Status
Training with the Silent Crows.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2490 20 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Found on the steps of an orphanage.
Dirt blonde, held in a low ponytail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I got that."
"For you, it's done."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Thieves Cant

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