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Merika Carver

Merika Carver (a.k.a. Rika)

Merika possesses a blend of elven elegance and human vitality. She has a youthful face with subtly pointed ears, framed by light, orangey-brown hair that she keeps in a high bun on her head. Her eyes, a vibrant shade of orange, reflect both curiosity and a sense of responsibility. She wears simple, practical clothing suitable for a guild clerk, adorned with a pendant that combines an elven leaf with a human quill.   Merika's heritage reflects in her personality — the curiosity of an elf blended with the industrious nature of a human. Born in the bustling city of Havenport, she found herself drawn to the local adventurers' guild, captivated by the diverse tales and quests that passed through its doors. Despite her young age, Merika is a diligent guild clerk, taking her responsibilities seriously and eager to assist both guild members and adventurers.   Her optimism and friendly demeanor make her well-liked among the guild's patrons. Merika is always ready with a smile and a helpful word, whether it's guiding adventurers to the right contact or ensuring that the guild's paperwork is in order. She dreams of one day becoming a renowned chronicler, recording the heroic exploits of those who venture into the unknown.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Versatile Heritage: Merika has inherited traits from both her elven and human ancestors, blending the keen senses of elves with the adaptability of humans.
Quick Learner: Merika is a fast learner, able to pick up on new information and tasks swiftly.
Guild Connections: Despite her young age, Merika has established connections within the guild and is well-versed in its procedures and systems.

Apparel & Accessories

Guild Satchel: A well-organized satchel containing parchment, quills, ink, and other necessary tools for administrative tasks.
Family Pendant: A pendant combining an elven leaf and a human quill, symbolizing Merika's heritage and her aspirations.
Practical Clothing: Comfortable and functional clothing suitable for a guild clerk, allowing for easy movement.

Friendly, compassionate and kind.

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Neutral Good
Current Status
Working on a book chronicling the stories of Adventurers she's met.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2485 25 Years old
Orangey-brown, kept in a high bun.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Brown
Aligned Organization

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