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Samantha Brewer (a.k.a. Leaf)

A down-to-earth Druid who has no patience for time wasters, Leaf grew up in the forests around Havenport, learning all she could about the plants and animals that called them home. It is not exactly known how Leaf acquired their Druidic powers, only that one day she found she could transform into animals and cast magic. Now she works as an Adventurer in the Havenport Adventurers Guild, earning coin and fame in order to help her attempts to make the city more ecologically friendly.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Leaf was born to a Herbalist in Weaver's Sprawl, the youngest of six children. Even from a young age she had a love for nature and exploring the nearby forests, often going into them to gather herbs with her mother.   Unfortunately, her mother got ill when Leaf was seven years old, dying shortly after despite the young woman's best efforts to brew a potion or make a poultice to help her. Her other siblings, who were all many years older than her, had already left, seeking their fortunes else where, and leaving Leaf to fend for herself. And so she went to the only place she truly felt comfortable, the forest.   Not even Leaf is sure when she first gained her magic, only knowing that one day when she was about fifteen, she was able to turn into a wolf to help protect a deer from a group of poachers. After this, she spent several years both learning about her new powers and acting as a protector of the woods, until finally she encountered one of her brothers in a hunting party. The young man urged her to return to the city, claiming that it was better and safer for her than traipsing around the woods. Leaf rejected his offer, but the thought stuck in her mind.   Eventually Leaf decided to venture back into Havenport to see how the city might have changed in the years since she first left. She quickly felt out of place amongst the people and the brick and stone buildings, deciding that the city needed to be more in tune with nature. And so, Leaf started trying to convince others to join her cause, gaining a small following of younger adults and children, before being arrested for disturbing the peace during one of her speeches at The Grande Market.   She was given an ultimatum, either leave the city, be jailed for a month, or join the Adventurers Guild to work off her time doing community service. Leaf chose the last option, and hasn't looked back since.

Mental Trauma

Her mother dying despite Leaf's best efforts has affected the young woman deeply. She often refuses to leave a sick person's side until she has either healed them, or they have passed away.

A no nonsense Druid. Doesn't care what you think about her. If you needlessly hurt the trees, you'll wish she only broke your knees.

Character Location
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Current Status
Current Location
Year of Birth
2484 26 Years old
Current Residence
Havenport Adventurers Guild Dormitories
Long, messy, Hazel brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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