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Frederique Martins

Frederique Martins

Frederique "Teeth" Martins started life as a poor boy in the por parts of Havenport, using his strong body to extort and beat money out of people in order to help his family survive. He joined The Silent Crows at the age of sixteen after they assassinated most of his family as a warning to stop acting outside of their authority, placing his youngest sister, and only survivng family member, in an orphanage.   Frederique is well known for his habit of collecting the teeth of his defeated enemies, which he keeps in a small bag at his hip, and his brutality in general.

Physical Description

Facial Features

A large scar across his nose.

Identifying Characteristics

Golden eyes

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Frederique was born the eigth child to a lower-class commoner family of farmers in Havenport, spencing most of his early life working the fields and skulking around Weaver's Sprawl. This life of hard work saw him become physically strong and robust, even at a young age. His family, being simple workers, was always strapped for money, and Frederique was always looking for ways to help out. One of these ways saw him joining the underground fighting rings, where he earned quite a lot of money, quickly becoming a champion for his age group. This prestige twisted his opinions of the world, making him think only the strongest should survive and prosper, and so he formed a small gang and began extorting the people of Weaver's Sprawl. It did not take long for The Silent Crows, the Thieves Guild of Havenport, to learn about this, and they gave him an ultimatum, prove himself worthy of entering their fold, or be "removed".   Frederique did not take this threat seriously, continuing his activities against the warnings of the Thieves Guild. This blatant disregard for their offer saw The Silent Crows kill the majority of his family, including all his older siblings and his parents, though his newly born younger sister was spared. Panicked by the apparent power of the people he had angered, Frederique quickly submitted to the Guild, earning a place amongst their ranks by giving them the substantial amount of money he had managed to gain overr his period of extortion.   He worked his way up from there, using his strong body and creepy smile to intimidate, and in many cases beat up, his marks for their coin. Now Frederique works under Alecia Preen as one of the Bosses in charge of handling the lower rungs of the Guildmembers.

Personality Characteristics


Frederique wants to one day form his own criminal syndicate, either by taking over The Silent Crows, or building one for himself.

Personality Quirks

He likes to collect the teeth of people he has beaten in a fight, keeping them in a bag on his hip.
Current Status
Current Location
Year of Birth
2486 24 Years old
Short, ruffled, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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