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Avery Greenfield

Avery Greenfield stands at an average height with the distinct features of both elves and humans, blending the refined elven grace with the versatility of human heritage. Their eyes, a striking shade of emerald green, convey a sense of compassion and determination. Avery's forest green hair is often slicked back to keep it out of their face. They possess an unassuming yet charismatic presence that draws people in.  

Role in The Kobold Union:

As the founder and guiding force behind The Kobold Union, Avery wears many hats. They work tirelessly to build bridges between kobolds and other races, collaborating with volunteers, experts, and other community leaders to implement initiatives that benefit the kobold population.   Avery's approach is hands-on; they actively participate in community events, workshops, and outreach programs. Their ability to inspire others and create a sense of shared purpose has been instrumental in the success of The Kobold Union.   Avery Greenfield's dedication to creating a more inclusive and understanding society has left an indelible mark on Havenport, making them a respected figure in both philanthropic and activist circles. The Kobold Union stands as a testament to Avery's vision for a world where everyone has the chance to flourish.  

Rumors and Stories:

The Hidden Kobold Garden: Rumors persist that Avery Greenfield is the caretaker of a hidden garden within Havenport where kobold cultural plants are cultivated, serving as a symbol of unity and connection.   Avery's Journal: It is said that Avery keeps a journal documenting their experiences, encounters, and dreams for a more inclusive Havenport. The journal is rumored to be a source of inspiration for those working alongside them.   The Compassionate Coin: Some tell stories of Avery carrying a special coin with a kobold engraved on it, symbolizing their commitment to compassion and unity.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into a family that valued compassion and understanding, Avery Greenfield grew up in a diverse community that included kobolds. Witnessing the challenges faced by kobolds in a society often filled with stereotypes, Avery became passionate about creating a world where everyone, regardless of race or background, could thrive.   Driven by this vision, Avery embarked on a journey of learning, engaging with different cultures, and advocating for social justice. They honed their skills in diplomacy, community organizing, and philanthropy. Upon returning to Havenport, Avery decided to take concrete action by founding The Kobold Union, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of kobolds in the city.

Intellectual Characteristics

Avery is known for their unwavering commitment to equality and their genuine empathy for others. They possess a natural ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life, fostering a sense of unity and understanding. Avery's leadership style is characterized by inclusivity, collaboration, and a belief in the strength that diversity brings to a community.

Personality Characteristics



Equality: Avery believes in a society where everyone has equal opportunities and is treated with dignity and respect.   Community: They see the strength in diversity and strive to create a community where different races and backgrounds come together harmoniously.   Empowerment: Avery is dedicated to empowering kobolds through education, employment opportunities, and initiatives that elevate their status in society.

Defacto leader of the Kobold Union. Friendly and kind. Perpetually under-slept.

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