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The Wailing Wight

All are welcome- warts and all!

Written by RealRasputin

'As you swing open the tavern doors a wave of drunken singing, hearty laughter and the smell of stale mead rushes over you. All manner of folk stand in front of you; shifty traders from overseas, elves from the nearby forest and even a deep, aquamarine Dragonborn warrior clad in rough leather armour. A portly, redheaded barman sits in front of two enormous tankards of ale, pouring the heavily intoxicated patrons pint after pint as they throw him gold and silver.   The Wailing Wight is a well known name in the local adventuring community, with many a trade, teamup and tavern brawl taking place in it's walls. People travel to The Wight from far around for many reasons; some go to hire warriors, some go looking to be hires, some go to explore the world and some go looking for the prize winning ale. No matter what, people have and will always seek out the legendary Wailing Wight for adventure, mead and more.

Purpose / Function

Olaf Sørensen built the Wailing Wight as an act of rebellion against King Magnus and his hatred of rarer races, such as Dragonborn, by giving them a place to come and live amongst the masses. this has put those in alliance with The Wight at odds with the high lord, often pushing him nearly over the limit with what he will accept. Many believe it's only a matter of time before the royal guard comes knocking on the Wights' doors and the balancing act they preform to come tumbling down.


The only alterations made to The Wight have been patch-ups after particularly violent brawls. Upon closer inspection, you can probably find replaced logs in the walls and mismatching floorboards, the originals shattered by axes and the fists of the stronger patrons.


The Wight is a true mead hall, with effigies of warriors and famous patrons lining the walls, illuminated by the warm glow of torches and the fireplace that roars at the end of the hall. The Matterhorn ash wood that forms the walls is strong and warm, but still bears the scars of battles and brawls fought long ago within them. Tapestries of battles long fought and legends of gods and heroes hang from the banisters, animated by the wind that blows through the drafty straw roof.   Out the back of the tavern lies the cottages, ready for higher. Also constructed from Matterhorn ash, these small huts are warm and cosy, putting the fighting spirit back in even the weariest of adventurers.


Founded in 541, 18th Millennium, The Wailing Wight has been under the watching eye of Olaf from it's first day. Built after he saw the at the time new King Magnus decreed all Dragonborn to be killed on sight, he bought out the local, run down tavern and rebuilt it, placing down the now famous sign; "strays, vagabonds and runaways rejoice! The ale is cold and the fire is warm All are welcome in this inn!" This has always put The Wight square in Magnus's eye, but he has never gone beyond sending guards to check for illegals.
Alternative Names
The Wight
A home of adventurers, thieves and merchants, all are welcome in the Wailing Wight and free to go without cloak or shame.

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