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523rd year 7th millennium

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All of these things make up the world of Stormheim. Based around the legends of Vikings- terrifying warriors from the north from a culture based around glory, honour and violence- the land of Stormheim is one of sweeping grey tundras and thick, green forests. In this world even the simplest fisherman is in a constant uphill battle for survival not just against the beasts and monsters that roam this land but against the devastating forces of nature that rampage through the world.
Stormheim is a place of honour and tradition, and most are willing to sacrifice everything in order to bring their family and name glory. Many adventure and travel the world, risking everything just to make people know their clan, doing so whether it means making it famous or infamous. Bonds of comradery are valued more than gold, and the bonds of family stay strong no matter how distant the relationships. Many of the races in Stormheim behave very differently that in other places due to this sense of honour (like elves) while some act just as they would anywhere else (like dwarves).
But beneath the battle that rages through Stormheim is something even more dangerous; an ancient evil that would rival even the Gods control over the world grows in the dark depths of Hel itself. Soon a time of change will begin, and a battle that will decide the fate of the world must take place just as the prophecies foretold. The Battle for Stormheim will begin.

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