Dire Wolf

There are multiple kinds of pirates in space, from single individuals to swarms to entire companies. Of course said companies tend to not call themselves pirates, but we all know what they really are. Some of these pirates have a Viking-like culture, where they don't needlessly kill and often will go out raiding together. And once in a while, one of them is given the title of Dire Wolf by their peers.   When it comes to these so-called Space Vikings, they tend to fight only for themselves. Wolf class and Raven class ships may go out raiding together, but that is due to safety in numbers. They almost never listen to each other. But a Dire Wolf? They do listen to them. And when a large group asks a Dire Wolf to lead them, they will be loyal and obedient to said leader.


One doesn't easily become a Dire Wolf. First and foremost, one needs to have proven themself in combat, either real or virtual. Not just normal combat, but a significant battle where they proved they can lead people well. Usually this just happens naturally, sometimes it is a prepared test.   Next, the pirate must be respected. No rabid wolves allowed, but ones with self-control, human decency, good intellect. Pirates may often be our enemies, but we must admit that many of them do have restraint and only steal, not needlessly kill. In the end, we are all Stormfarers and most of them are still worthy of respect.


An actual Dire Wolf is greatly respected not only within their own circles, but by most pirates and many others. Ask any soldier or mercenary, and they tend to have relatively neutral or positive impressions of Dire Wolves. Sure, they're normally an enemy, but they are known to be fair.   Merchants do not feel the need to fight to the death when facing Dire Wolves, and even companies begrudingly acknowledge they can be bargained with. Though make no mistake, they are still vicious pirates if need be. Do not forget that their combat potential is what earned them their title.


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11 Aug, 2022 16:28

The title demands respect for sure! Right out of the gate; just the phrase 'dire wolf' makes everyone perk up. Making it a pirate rank? **chef's kiss

12 Aug, 2022 05:23

Who else to lead a pack of Wolf class ships than a Dire Wolf. ^_^ Glad you liked it.

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