Gravity 0,2 g
Radius 1600 km
Day Length 4 h 12 m
Surface Temperature Min -127 Mean -30 Max -4
Moons N/A
Government HI Interstellar, Siloh Subsidiary, represented by Chief Operations Executive Sidonius Athemar.
Affiliation Systems Alliance
Population Approx. 400

  A gigantic sphere of ice-covered nickel and iron, Marble is the main source of water for the Shiloh system. While Saint's Rest can supply itself, the other planets have a need only serious imports can take care of.
The planetoid is almost exclusively populated by employees of HI Interstellar and a large fleet of automated laborers and drones. Cerodia, a small trading station near the planet's northern pole, is the main port of entry and contains the closest the planetoid comes to a normal city.
In addition to the HI Interstellar employees, the planet contains a great deal of wildlife, making it something of a popular hunting spot for those not afraid to get cold.
Planetoid / Moon
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