The lost empire of the west coast, Urlelian was the creator of Void Tech. Little knowledge of who they were survived the Starfall, but their impact on the world remains.


Ten years before the Starfall, Urlelian is recorded as beginning a war with their neighbors, the Muáji. The Muáji are suspected to have stolen the secret to Void Tech's production, which Urlelian had hidden for the past 100 years. While the claims weren't proven either way, Urlelian quickly declared war soon after.

After ten years, Urlelian was beginning to lose according to what reports were making it to the west, and soon after, they disappeared in the Starfall. Some historians believe that the cataclysm is the result of a desperate final move on Urlelian's side. The void magic signature in the Wastelands is similar to that in Void Tech, but nonetheless, the truth is lost to time.
Geopolitical, Empire
Controlled Territories


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