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Muiluin Church

Come on, if we can make it a bit further, Muluin Church is close... They'll help us, they have to help us...
— Down on their luck thief

A church of the Midnight Sect, it is considered the head church of the religion by many. The church is in charge of all burials in the area, but that isn't the limit of their authority. All things of the dark have safety here.



The temple is clean stone, with a handful of flourishes. The darkness isn't sterile, but it isn't warm either. The building has two floors, with the main hall on the first. The main hall is where all services take place. Past the main hall is the room where they prepare the dead for the graveyard. Most are buried, but some few are cremated instead.

On the second floor is the library and the residences for the priests.

...and Below

Below the church is where much of the activity happens. Midnight is haven for many, and likewise, Muluin is a haven for any who hide in the dark. The church has at least five hidden tunnels into the below, and none of it is on any map.

The below is connected to natural caves in the area, and guides can bring someone to half the countryside from there. But not all of the below is natural. Supply stashes, bedrooms, even smaller graveyards for those who cannot be buried publicly can be found here in the dark.
Roughly translates to 'new moon' in Minyi.
Temple / Church
Owning Organization
Midnight Sect
Organization | Jul 17, 2019

Caretakers of the Night

Character | Jul 17, 2019

Moon God


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