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Eltrebyo a boin E

From ObeyƄuian, Eltrebyo a boin E translates to 'Bridge to the Sky,' and is the old name for the highest peak in the Koni Mountains. The full name is usually shortened to Eltrebyo by locals. Visible from many miles away, the Bridge has always been a common topic of myth and legend.


To those looking from below, the peak seemed like the closest thing to the skies above. A few mountains in the west were taller, true, but this peak loomed in a way others didn't. Technically, the Bridge is several peaks of similar height, and from afar they look like one wall piercing the heavens above.
  Early civilizations thought perhaps it was the path the gods took from their home in the sky to this earth. Many tried to create a shrine there at that peak to honor them and the entrance to their home, but none could make it there. The Koni mountains are cruel and miserable. Storms and avalanches are only the beginning of the trouble, and the end for those fortunate. Those who were able to weather the storms, and climb the treacherous peak would find deadly levels of Ambient Magic. The magic there is volutile, and vicious to the unprepared. People eventually marked the mountains off as a forbidden place for only the gods.

After the Starfall, perhaps the peak has lost some of its potency, but few will break with such long tradition. The Bridge is landmark to be seen from afar, not to be climbed by mortals.
Alternative Names
The Bridge, Eltrebyo
World wonder
Parent Location
Koni Mountains
Geographic Location | Oct 23, 2018

Central Mountain Range


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