Stars & Shadows

2032 AD

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No one expected Dracula to wake in the middle of World War II. They also didn't expect him to be a dragon, and for him to expel the Nazis from Transylvania, nor for what came afterward.
That was the first sign of superpowers emerging into the world, and numerous people began showing powers over the years that followed. The world changed marginally, but only a little, until the stroke of midnight on December 31st, 1999. That night came to be known as The Advent, as Earth emerged from a pocket universe into a wider universe, and the handful of superhumans that had existed so far proved to be only a fraction of those who emerged in the following years.
Tens of thousands of superhumans now exist across the face of Earth. Heroes and villains battle one another in cities, Atlantis rose from the oceans, and ancient gods have appeared once more. This is the world of Stars & Shadows.