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Star System Epsylon


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In a magical version of Earth, there lived the eight races. They lived together in something that could, by a technicality, be called peace, and their world was united as one nation. That began to change in the year 2038, space travel was all but perfected, using a combination of magic and technology to cross the vast distances between planets in a mere instant. Another advancement, a few months later, allowed nearly any solid planet or moon to be rendered suitable for sustaining life: the The Terraforming Ritual.   It was not long before each race scrambled to colonize new worlds, each one founded on their own ideals. While they technically all belong to The Global Confederation, this sentiment is merely empty words on paper, and after two thousand years, this fact was all but forgotten.   In the midst of the Space Travel Boom, there arose a ninth race, born from the magi-science of genetic manipulation, these “Genetaur" were seen as inferior, beasts, and treated as outcasts - or worse. This prevented them from being able to form their own community, or voice, and few were able to access space travel.   The year is now 4003, and only one planet remains untouched by any of the races: Pluto. Now, rallied by their patron Elderon, Endiro, the Genetaur seek to colonize it as their new home, but they are not alone in their goal. The other races seek to expand their influence, and it is theorized that they who control Pluto could one day reach the outer advances of the galaxy. Several rogue ships also seek this world, whether for glory, fortune, or a chance to settle down, the war for Pluto is all but a certainty.

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