Session 1 - The Dung Run Report

General Summary

Lots of great stuff from this session:  
  • We established the unbelievably excessive life-style maintained by at least (and probably only) one of our number, and explored the home of these characters... something far beyond their means to maintain.
  • Learned about Rhodes, Mayor Sand (her Clearness), and the Reaches going to other areas.
  • Received our quest: Reactivate the Reach to Golgorth (which has been down and can only be saved by the essence of the Loq'flore)
  • Spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out WTH a Loq'flore is.
  • Boozed up Sinclair the village drunk and got him to share some tales, and learned the Loq'flore is a flower that grows in Dragon Poo.
  • Traveled through the Pael to Dretheric, so that we could take that path to the Saldragon Princedom
  • Met some of the dead in Dretheric, where we were asked to carry a pouch into the Princedom.
  • Slid to Shiverreach. Sala and Elliot crossed over, but met with a pirate.
  • Kai was found suspect, and investigated heavily.
  Oh, and we got to explore how the game worked as far as dice rolling, cyphers, ease, effort, intrusions, and all that good stuff!

Rewards Granted

Handed out some interesting gear: * MirrorBright - Shines a blinding light on your enemies * Iceguard - Rub it on to gain 1 armor against cold * Flameshield - Activate to create a barricade to protect * Mending Thought - Restore 5 might!

Character(s) interacted with

Naomi Sand Sinclair Murien - Head of Security in Shiverreach Drustan - Undead Caretaker of Reaches in Dretheric
Splinter-Reach Test Drive
Report Date
30 Oct 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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