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Tygrese Flamefood

Tygret food is all about heat. Heat of the ingredients, heat inside the food, heat outside the food. The result is a charred and unappetising lump, but it tastes phenomenal!   Baffling Marish explorers, the ovens of the Tygrese inolve hanging the food on spits vertically into the oven from above. The heat is then sucked up by air which enters through holes bored into the sides. The temperature is intensofied and the food cooked thoroughly throughout whilst charring on the outside. This technique results in crisp skin while the flesh remains juicy.   The key ingredients are the various chillies brought in on the caravans from Lostarbor, which are hot and intense. Added to this is a whole plethora of spice and herb; it is said a Tygrese cook can provide a different meal for every day of her husband's life. Which is no small boast to say the Tygrese diet results in long, healthy lives.   Another popular way of cooking Tygret dishes is with the use of the khurr'hae, a vast iron cooking pot, shallow but wide. The khurr'hae is hung by chains over a crackling fire. Fresh wood is constantly piled on top to keep the heat and smoke billowing, giving the food a mouth-watering flavour that lingers on the tongue. The khurr'hae allows a larger surface area for excess liquid to evaporate, leaving a thick sauce. The milk of coconuts is often added to provide a creamy edge to what may otherwise be inedible spice.   The khurr'hae is exceptionally good at providing large quantities if nutrient rich food, making it a popular choice in the market as well as the army. One of the reasons the Tygrese grasghan make such formidable soldiers.   Since the importation of the dragontongue herb from the Evergard continent, and the discovery by the Tygrese that Everians had some fire in their tastes, new dishes have evolved with a hybrid flavour.

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