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When a world heart is created, it rapidly converts the surrounding parts of the Mist into a sphere. The exact size of each sphere varies wildly and may potentially be linked to how much of the Ether is drawn in during the world heart's birth. As the new sphere takes form, the converted Mist is turned into water, air and other substances that quickly filled the sphere. This process has only rarely been observed in person other than by phoenix, but a few fortunate researchers have managed to view the process.   The sphere generates not only physical material, but also a powerful energy, known as primal. This elemental energy suffuses the world and, combined with the energy radiating from the world heart, initiates a burst of spontaneous creation. Basic lifeforms quickly form and take on roles in the newly developed ecosystem. Particularly potent spheres might even generate more advanced forms of life spontaneously. Once this basic foundation of life exists, the primal energy connects to other spheres and begins drawing in wild animals. The connection of primal energy allows the drawn in animals, plants and others to migrate to the newly formed sphere, the same way a druid can serve as a nagivator. These connections only lasts for a relatively short while, where after it fades.   As the connection fades, the primal energy concentrates in the sphere itself. As it does so, it surges and these intial surges gives rise to the first generation of the sphere's dragon and usually also its elementals. With these guardian beings in place, the sphere continues to develop at a much slower pace, dependant on the properties of the individual sphere. Climates settle, weather patterns form and ecosystems form.
Metaphysical, Elemental

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