The Snovemdomas evolved as pack-hunting predators in woods and tundra plains on a very high-gravity world. Snovemdomas are about the size of an elephant, and their stocky build is deceptive since they are quick and graceful in motion. To the inhabitants of other worlds, they appear to be imposing and massive. On their own world, the Snovemdomas prey on much larger and tougher creatures, bringing the prey down by overwhelming it with numbers and speed. Their bodies evolved strength and lightness (too much mass being detrimental in high gravity), and their bones are made of a hollow but nearly unbreakable force-distributing honeycomb lattice.   They are a primitive feudal society, having only recently invented firearms. Their metallurgical and stonework skills are rather impressive for their technological level. They seem less belligerent than the Fludentri , but many of their communities are hunkering down due to the current threat to their existence.


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