The Krephilians are a race of humanoids which have a variety of beast-like formations on their bodies. Many of their scholars believe this is due to their God encompassing all of existence, as as such imbuing their people with traits of the world’s lesser creatures. A sign of humbling to remind them of their place. The dominant governing body is the Holy Dunitian Empire. which encompasses a large portion of the Northwestern continent of Asshimar.   Due to the abrupt introduction of space age technology to a bronze age civilization, they still harbor many archaic religious and traditional beliefs which have only been fortified by their introduction into wider space travel.

Civilization and Culture


Originally a bronze age civilization, the Krephilia found themselves very abruptly thrust into a space age just decades ago when a mysterious cache of information and technology found itself caught within the planet’s gravity, landing near the Holy Dunitian Empire’s capital of Fides. Seeing is as a gift from God, the Empire’s best scholars sought out and studied the information contained within.   Now, the civilization finds itself amongst the stars even as their own world is a mystery to them. They have only just discovered that it is indeed spherical thanks to their newfound altitude and mathematics.


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