The Delkhiin are a proud race that value strength above all else. Their nomadic lifestyle, focused on raiding and travelling, requires that every man and woman must be strong and hardy. Many of their practices are pragmatic to the point of barbarism, including the killing of weak or sickly infants, military training from a young age, and the glorification of warfare. However, if one can carry themselves and be of use to the Khan, life can be rewarding. The Delkhiin often celebrate victories and conquests with song and revelry, and heroes who commit acts of valor are met with praise and luxurious treatment, at least for the night. Delkhiin biology is rather unique among humanoids, with their defining characteristic being their flexible morphology. The size of their body will change to accommodate their caloric intake, an evolutionary mechanism devised thanks to their unpredictable lifestyle. With little nutrition, they will appear small and wiry, but if properly sustained, their can grow to up to three times their normal size. Most of the materials used by the Delkhiin are scavenged from native wildlife, with their tents made of animal hides and their armor from chitin and bone. As a result, their armor and weaponry usually seem haphazard and primitive. Their method of spacefaring is also unique, insofar as they have not developed the technology to do so. Instead, they breed and ride enormous space whales, creatures who have natively gained the ability to travel FTL. The Delkhiin are inherently superstitious people, believing in ghosts and demons, but they have no unified religion. The sole exception to this exists in the Dakhin Tör Dynasty, who believe their leader is the divine reincarnation of the Great Khan, who perished years beforehand and was the last leader to unite the Delkhiin under one banner.