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Welcome, travelers! You have reached the most futuristic theme park in the known universe! Here in SPACE LAND, you can experience the furture or even become a part it.   Stay in comfotable quarters abard a spaceship or in the largest space station ever built! Visit the shady outskirt market, where the nomads of the desert planet trade in their valuable scrap loot. You may even become a racing champion in the supersonic racing league or participate in epic battles for the good of all mankind.   Here, you can visit other worlds, meet aliens from planets lightyears away and witness phenomena, you've never seen before! Immerse yourself in a wolrd of wonder, of science and fiction. Explore the universe in the year 3050!
Become a visitor for updates about the newest attractions, for free!   And don't forget to grab a map to find the most exiting attractions!  


  The info brochure is available at:
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