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First Battle of Ruvan

“All hands, this is Captain Butch Navo, UKSS ‘Harper’, reminder that today is meatloaf day in the mess hall, so make sure to get some before you return to your posts, thank you.” The Captain put his radio back on his chair, stretching slightly, then putting his leg up on the other. “RadO, give me a scan.”   The Amian Radar Officer flicked his tongue out, his claws clacking across his screen. “Nothing on the circle, sir, other than the task force.”   Captain Butch nodded, looking out the view ports, where the five other Panther V-55 SDs could be seen flying a close formation, the blackness of space setting a backdrop against the light grey of the ships. “CommO, give me a direct contact to Captain Naishia.”   “Aye sir.”   The Garakuta captain appeared in the screen in front of Butch, two of her four eyes on him, the other set looking somewhere else. “Captain Naishia. What’s the issue Butch?” “Any clue why we’re out here, Nai?” “No idea. KGC told us to get out here and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. But it’s just Ruvan, I don’t think we’ve found anything interesting here in centuries, since the first satellites were sent out.”   The Communications Officer waves at the Captain. “Sir, communication from the UKSS ‘Libre’.” Butch nods, indicating he wanted it up on the screen. The Zilla Captain of the Libre appeared beside Naishia. It’s mandibles clicking quietly. “Captain Goviaska. What seems to be the matter?” “Butch, something is out there. The’s not acting right.” Naishia speaks up. “What do you mean Govy?” “Everything is...strange, it’s hard to put my antennae on it, but I would suggest setting your ships to alert level green. Just in case.”   Butch nods slightly, pointing at the Guns officer. “Lieutenant, set the ships to Alert Level Green, all hands prepare for something. Could be pirates.”   The officer nods, picking up the radio. “All hands, Level Green, I repeat, Level Green.”   “Sir! I have a gravity flux, bearing 316, port side, 9 klicks.”   The Captain removes his hat, putting on a helmet. “All hands, battle gear.”   “All hands, battle gear!”   “I have a blip! Bearing the same.”   “By the stars…”   Before the sailors very eyes, a long black ship materializes from nothing.   “RadO, give me details!”   “Half klick long ship, using unknown power, no channels. Can’t get a contact on SIB.”   “Weapons online, give me a lock.”   “Weapons online, locking.”   “Open channel, lets see if they’ll respond.”   The Comms officer points, indicating that the channel is open.   “Unidentified vessel, this is the UKSS ‘Harper’, of the UKSSDF. Identify, or you will be boarded.”   “No response!”   “Weapons locked.”   “Large power signature, spooling from the center of the ship!”   “Somethings coming out!”   “Why is it glowing!?”   “Its moving…”   “AEW is targeting the UKSS ‘Fortune’!”   “All ships, prepare to fire!”   The sailors are blinded as a massive beam of light appears from the center of the ship, striking the Fortune midships. There’s nothing, then the Fortune explodes, pieces of metal bouncing off the glass of the command deck.   “Fortune’s gone! All hands lost.”   “All guns, fire!”   “All guns, opening fire!”   “Swing us port side, flanking speed.”   “Aye sir, port, flanking speed!”   “Open comm to all remaining ships, spread out and don’t bunch up!”   “Aye sir! All ships, spread and avoid bunching!”   The Harper jumps forward, it’s 127mm deck guns firing, as the AA cannons strafe the side of the unknown ship, though the shells bounce off.   “No hits, no hits!”   “AEW targeting the Lucio!”   “Lucio, evade! Evade!”   “She’s not gonna make it!”   The ship fires again, the massive blast catching the back end of the Lucio, cutting a third of the ship off, Captain Butch can hear the radio chatter from the Lucio, as her crew scrambles to save her.   “Engines are gone!”   “We’re caught in Ruvan’s gravity well! We can’t pull out!”   There is an explosion, and screams.   “The electronics are overloading!”   “Someone get me a medic!”   “Shut down all nonessential systems!”   “No good, no good!”   “All hands! Abandon ship!”   The Lucio spirals out of control, air venting as it strikes Ruvan’s atmosphere, the hull of the ship beginning to melt.   “Liftboats can’t launch!”   “Life support failing, get your mask!”   “Viewport won’t hold! It’s gonna break!”   The view port shatters, and rushing air fills the comms, almost drowning out the screams, as the Lucio hits its max, and breaks apart, melting metal spiraling away in Ruvan’s atmosphere.   The weapon begins spooling up again, as the enemy ship begins moving forward   “We can’t win this!” Butch calls into the comms, watching his guns bounce shells off of the enemy ship. “Libre, Vacian, break, break. Head to full power!”   “Negative! You and Vacian bug out, Libre will hold them off!”   “Govy!” Naishia snaps, her hair now wild. “The Libre won’t be able to dent them! Bug out!”   The Libre screams past the view port of the Harper, the forward guns firing.   “Govy! Fall back, that’s an order!” Butch yells, slamming his fist into the side of his seat, as the crew watches the charge of the Libre.   “It’s been an honor sir!” Govy says, offering a salute, then looking at his crew. “Focus power to the forward shields!”   “The gun is charged, sir.” The RadO officer says quietly to Butch.   “Max speed, we’re going with the Libre!”   “Aye sir! Ahead full!”   “All weapons online and firing!”   Naishia’s voice cuts through to Butch. “Butch! What are you doing?!”   “We can’t let that thing get to Kalkan, we gotta stop it here. You get back and warn the SDF that we have an unidentified enemy.”   “I’m not leaving you.”   “That is an order!”   “Cannon firing!”   The enemy ship fires, the beam tearing a massive gash in the side of the Libre, as it begins listing. Radio chatter from the ships command deck fills the deck of the Harper.   “Starboard side hit! All decks damaged.”   “We’re venting!”   “Ramming speed achieved!”   “All hands, brace! Brace!”   The gun fires again, right before the Libre strikes the enemy ship, hitting it straight down the middle, the Libre disappears in a blink of an eye, the debri hitting the enemy ship, some of it breaking thorough the reenforced hull.   “The ship took damage!”   “Guns, lock onto the damaged sections!”   “Aye, guns changing lock!”   “Ramming speed achieved!”   “Butch...Butch if you die here I’ll never forgive you.”   Butch smiles at his wifes words. “Make it home safe Nai, make sure they know about our new enemy.”   There is a sniffle from the other side, as the Vacian zips off, making transport speed. “Gun is charging sir! They’re targeting the Vacian!”   “Increase fire! All batteries!”   “All batteries, firing!”   “Speed up!”   “Transport speed!”   “They’re hitting us with AA sir! Guns 1 and three are damaged!”   “Deck seven is decomping sir!”   “Casualties number 100!”   “500 meters!”   “Honor serving sir!”   “The gun is firing!”   The Harper crashes into the side of the enemy ship, setting off a chain reaction, pushing the gun off course as it fires, the end just catching the Vacian, which drives it off course, on board, Naishia grips her chair.   “Engines are damaged, transport speed is no longer possible!”   “Open channel to KGC”   “Aye sir!”   “Captain Naishia, what the in the ever loving stars i-”   “We have an enemy! I say again, we have an enemy! Highly advanced!”   “We’re caught in Ruvan’s gravity well!”   “I’ve got a controlled decent.”   “All ships lost, I repeat, all ships lost, the enemy has been destroyed, but we’re going down on Ruvan.”   “Understood, Vacian, stay safe.”   “We lost comms sir. We’re on our own.”   “Control your landing, helmsman.”   “Aye sir.”   “All hands, brace, brace, brace.”   “All hands! Brace! Brace! Bra-”   The Vacian crashed into Ruvan, dirt being thrown up nearly a mile into the air, as the combined wreckage of the Harper and the enemy ship soon followed, creating a massive crater near the north pole of the planet.


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