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Misc Fairytales.

Prompt: What stories do parents tell their children about to scare them into good behaviour?


The Hungry House

  Once was a little girl, dawned in a dress of reds and orange. This little girl got bored of her friends, of her family, of her games... So she made her own. Once a day, she'd run up the hill by down, Tap on a far door before sliding down, Leaving the occupant confused to find no one at their door. Over and over this went, the girl giggling all the way down the hill, Finding pleasure in the torment of others. One day she saw a new house on the hill, In a devious moment, she climbed and climbed... She stepped up to the door and raised a fist to knock... Before the door flung inward and inhaled her whole. The poor girl thought it was all fun and games until her torment fed the appetite of another.

A Dragon's Plan

  A story as old as time, a dragon stealing away a princess, only for a prince to slay the beast and rescue his new love. This dragon was cunning, with dark scales and glowing red eyes, it wrapped its claws around the princess and darted off into the night. A day later, the prince began his quest, galloping on his mighty stead towards the lair. When he arrived, he found the dragon slain, the princess standing tall with a mask across her face. "My prince, thank goodness you are here to rescue me, I used this magical treasure the dragon hoarded to defeat it." Retrieving his princess, the two returned to the kingdom, though as time passed the princess seemed different. The prince, worried for his future bride, asked the court-mage for advice. One night, the prince and mage investigated the princess' room, to find the mask still worn on her face.  Removing the mask, her skin turned jet black, scales forming across her body, her eyes turning red... Placing the mask on once more, the mage acted quickly, fearing retaliation as the princess began to wake... With practised ease he spun a spell, the mask locking on her face forever. The dragon, now trapped in the body of a girl was harmless, though she managed to escape into the night. Can you truly trust someone hiding behind a mask?

Tooth Plucker

  Some say there's a beautiful fairy that comes to your room at night, While deep asleep she does yet peak and much to her own fright, She finds a tooth all cracked and grey, She removes it and compensates you with pay, Though these sweet tales are sugar-coats, Of the true terror who is far from the tales of dreamboats.
  During sweet dusk, a figure appears, The health of your dentures, he must interfere, Shrowded in black, a floating dark jacket The jingle of bone, stuffed full are his pockets, If a tooth he sees to be unsatisfactory, He shall pluck from your unmoving form so gorey. As your empty screams breath into the night, He stows his prize, leaving you to your fright.

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