Sol Nua

514, Age of Steel

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Tensions rise across the world as Republicene delegates storm out of negotiations with Kingdom of Avalon!
Nantutek warships clash with Varlishi spice traders, no comment from either nation!
Freischutze accuses Al'Ashir of hostile encroachment, Sheesoltai Huwa denies allegations!

Sol Nua is many things. Magical. Wonderous. Dangerous. But never peaceful. Recently, things have changed from the usual conflict and the people of the world grow worried as tensions rise across the known world. Powers maneuver around each other, seeking refuge with other like-minded nations. New weapons of war are being leveled across boarders, ratcheting up the tension even farther, with no side sure of the capabilities of the other.
Amidst the grinding gears and acrid smoke, the wonders of Sol Nua continue to live and breath. Dragons still arc majestically through the air. The Krakens of the sea glide under the waves, looking for their next meal. Tribes of Therianthropes prowl and stalk their way across many continents, alongside many many more creatures. Many of which don't even originate on Sol Nua, but arrived with the events of the Realmshatter. A collapse of several neighboring planes into each other. An event that, by all rights, should have destroyed Sol Nua and by sheer luck only wildly warped its topography, ecology, and natural laws.