Sognaland by Natasha Inwood

Sognaland Land of the Seven Holy Steads

created by
Natasha Inwood

Welcome to Sognaland!

This wild land of ice and snow, mountain and forest, river and sea is alive and brimming with magic and waiting to be explored. So come with me, dear reader, on an adventure.

We might spy a shy huusfolk, befriend a dwarf, learn magic from a Sogni shaman or an Imperial mage, outrun a mountain cat or slay a cave bear, spy on a giant's camp or stumble upon underground ruins, or even dodge a jormung on the Sea of Storms.

Adventure awaits around every bend.

And when you've had your fill and need a rest, so to does a warm hearth and a pint of ale and good company.

Sognaland awaits!