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The Treaty of Deraphan

There are two sides of the story for this treaty. The gods' side, and man's side, however, which side is true depends on who you ask. Man says it was for the best. The gods say, well, know one really knows what the gods say. But this treaty was one of the most important treaties in all of mankind's history. Why? Because this was the day, the gods were finally subdued. The day mankind stepped in and was able to control the gods.


The Treaty of Deraphan, according to man, was to stop the gods from destroying the world. While the gods say something along the lines of *incoherent words* *inaudible* *bad pronunciation*. From what the writer can gather based off of the incoherent phrases, the gods thought it was what would stop them from fighting.

However, some gods say that the Treaty was never even an option. Entity and Being signed it without the rest of the gods permissions.

Document Structure


There are two sections in the docuement. The agreements and the consequences. The rules the gods and men must abide by, and the consequences if they do not.


There are two things mankind and the gods are not allowed to do.

  1. The gods are not allowed to be in The World physically or in any other manifestation.
  2. (In other words, they were confined to the heavens.)
  3. The gods are not allowed to interact with mankind.

  1. Mankind is not allowed to enter the Home of the Gods, or any place where celestials dwell.
  2. Mankind is not allowed to interact with any celestial being.

The punishments for breaking any of these rules differed depending on whether it was a human or a god. If a god broke the rules, he was to be stripped of his title and powers of godhoos and tossed down to The World as a human. If a human were to break the rules, he would answer to the gods, and they would decide the punishment. Whatever they decided was that human's consequence.

Publication Status

This document used to be public. Mankind's copy was shown in a museum, while the gods' copy was somewhere.... But mankind lost their document when one of the gods fell.

Legal status

This document is legal under the jurisdiction of the Creation gods, and the rulers of mankind at that time.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

How the gods reacted no one exactly knows. All that's recorded in the history books is that twenty minutes after Being and Entity left The World the heavens shook, there was a huge downpouring of rain for months, earhtquakes became common, and tornados ravaged the land.

Mankind, despite the less than favorable weather conditions, rejoiced. They celebrated the fact that the gods could no longer interfere with their lives. (At least, that's what mankind thought.)
Authoring Date
Ratification Date

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10 Jan, 2023 04:32

I love that the gods' words are incomprehensible. Nicely done.

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