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The Rain Trees have many magical properties that the magic users of this world take advantage of, but the Rain Trees can only grow in very cold conditions. Due to this many magic-users have to ravel up mountains. Although, this plant lives in remote regions it is still well-known among the common folk, because of the trees rare blossoms, The Frozen Rains, for which the tree is named.

Basic Information


The Rain Tree has thick black and white bark with slender branches that droop. It has dark green leaves in the summer and bright red leaves in the winter. It can grow to be quite tall if the roots develop well enough, but has an average hieght of 6.5 ft. (1.9 m).

Once every 1,000 years the tree will blossom, and these blossoms are very gem-like in appearance. They dangle off the tips of the trees branches and every stray breeze causes the branches to move, making the blossoms sparkle and gleam.

These blossoms do not last very long on the tree, but have been known to last for several years once plucked.

Ecology and Habitats

The Rain Trees grow well in cold areas. Climates like this help the tree to produce more Frozen Rains that are healthier and last longer. This has led to particularly cold plains being filled with Rain Trees. However that is rare because not very many plains in the lands are cold.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Rain Trees are used mainly by magic-users. The bark is used to make various potions, usually involving something physically harming. Its leaves are mixed with liquids to transform people, animals, or plants into various other living organisms.

However, most magic-users love this plant for its blossoms, The Frozen Rains. These blossoms are useful for a variety of spells and potions. It is used to make the potion more powerful, have the spell last longer, or to even undo a curse, along with several other things.

Although magic-users love The Frozen Rains common people do as well, due to its beauty and gem-like appearance. The Rain Trees blossoms have been seen sold in markets and used as for various decorations.
10,000 years
Average Height
6.5 feet (1.9 meters)

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