Stats and Skills

General Overview

Sleyterra operates with 4 stat types: Intellegence, Physicality, Guile, and Charisma. Each stat type influcences how well a character may perform on a skill challenge. Challenges are rolled on a d20 and the skill modifier is added to determine success, failure, or something in between at the descretion of the game master.


Intellegence determines a character's ability to think through a situation, recall knowledge, and apply that knowledge. Skills ifluenced by inetellegence are:

  • Arcane Knowledge - The ability to recall information about spells and rituals, or magic symbols and circles.

  • History - How well a character can recall the stories, myths, and historical information about a subject or location.

  • Religion - Knowlege about religious artifacts, rituals, and traditions of the land, as well as their significance to populations across the region.

  • Medicine - Medical knowlege is rooted in facts and understanding how the body works.

  • Nature - Knowlege based in facts about the natural world and how it interacts and it's influence on sentient populations.


Physicality determines a character's physical attributes, like muscle or flexibility. Skills influenced by physicality are:

  • Strength - How much your character can lift, or how hard they can hit.

  • Intimidation - Their physical prowess, or their muscle tone, is used to intimidate others into seeing things the way your character might.

  • Constitution - How well a character can resist poisons and avoid illness. This is also added to your character's HP count.

  • Athletics - Basic tests of strength against other individuals, swimming, and running ability.

  • Acrobatics - How nimble and precise a movement can be, as well as climbing, and jumping.


For the witty and cunning, guile is their stat of choice. Skills influenced by guile are:

  • Stealth - The ability to keep an eye on where everyone else is looking, and move quietly out of notice.

  • Perception - Cunning minds are perceptive minds, keep an eye on what is happening around you.

  • Investigation - Quick thinking allows a character to put the pieces together faster than most, relying on intuition rather than intellegence.

  • Tracking - The ability to follow a trail by not only the physical evidence but the understanding of the psychology of their target.

  • Survival - Adaptable thinking and understanding allows a greater understanding of survival in wild locations.


For the character with charm, grace, interpersonal skills, and a magnetic personality, charisma is their stat of choice. Skills influenced by charisma are:

  • Persuasion - The ability to have others come around to your way of thinking, by making them see the logic of your point of view.

  • Haggle - Using personal charm get better prices from stubborn merchants.

  • Deception - Lie your way through a situation.

  • Performance - Dancing, singing, acting, any sort of show your character puts on will be effected by this skill.

  • Insight - How well you can read others and situations to figure out what is going on under the surface.

These mechanics are currently a work in progress. Insight and input on things like balance and practicality are appreciated.


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