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Meat Sources

While initially one may have questions about how meat-eaters maintain their diets (particularly in the case of obligate carnivore Phyla), the solution is one that many individuals are proud of. Non-sapient animals are raised for meat. There is a clear delineation between Morphics and the livestock animals; livestock are four-legged and instinctual, reflecting none of the sapient spark of their counterparts.   In order to prevent herbivore Morphics from feeling targeted and uncomfortable, the species used for meat varies from chickens, horses and cows to hybrid dogs, apes, and hawks.   In recent years, a controversy arose due to the discovery that feed-dogs had been fed their own dead mixed in with their feed, which led to the development of "Lockjaw Disease", a prion disease transmitted through eating impacted meat.


Material Characteristics

Sources of meat are kept in varying conditions depending on where they are sourced from. As a whole, Morphic meat-farmers try to treat their stock well, because stressed and scared stock lends to tougher meat. Some particular butcheries are known to allow their stock to live long, happy lives, putting them down after enough time has passed that their meat has become rich with the wealth of care they have recieved.

Origin & Source

The evolution of nonsapient animals alongside Morphics.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Food for meat-eating Morphics.

Cultural Significance and Usage

It is considered a grave insult to eat a member of a herbivore's species in front of them-- thus, a wolf would not eat a horse's meat in front of a horse. Equally so, a lion would not eat the meat of a hound in front of a canine. Perhaps in front of a fox, becuase foxes are a different family entirely, but that depends on the individual involved, and is quite a sensitive issue to some.


Some of these creatures can become quite aggressive when treated badly -- or even while treated well, as it turns out. Wild animals are still wild animals; they still gnash their teeth and snarl and snap. The domesticated versions, as adjusted as they are to farm life, can still kill and severely injure a Morphic who is not careful.   A farmer getting gored to death by a bull, kicked to death by a horse, or ripped apart by a pack of hounds or pigs? Certainly not unheard of.
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Jan 22, 2024 00:03

A clever and sensitive solution, I like it! Especially that they're careful to treat their livestock well. Considering the restrictions on eating species in front of their Morphic counterparts, would it be considered weird or creepy for a farmer to raise domesticated versions of their own species?

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Jan 24, 2024 01:19

Oh wow, what a good question! After some thought, I think that a farmer taking care of their own species would be seen as strange, but somewhat honorable. Macabre work, but at the same time, a wolf who raises dogs for meat would likely be approached by others raising dogs, because they would be seen as an expert on the matter! Because they're already raising the species, it probably wouldn't be seen as rude either. An ox raising cows would be treated much the same, and may well work in a network of other cow-farmers.