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Icon Of Knowledge

A singular phenomenon expressed from the assimilated body of Penitence Vosch. Whatever infernal curiosity she possessed before has been twisted into a desire for imparting this forbidden knowledge onto others; the Icon of Knowledge lingers in the dreams of those who have reached too far beyond their station.
Those who have encountered the supernatural in Skelleyville are immediately made known to the Icon of Knowledge.

Transmission & Vectors

The Icon of Knowledge was transmitted when Penitence Vosch, having interacted several times with the world beyond all pines, and having been curious with no regard for her safety, is finally seized by the realm.   Once there, Penitence is altered by divinity and magic, rearranged into a dark reflection of what she had been.


On numerous occasions, Penitence Vosch interacted with strange altars and books when she was visiting the other realm. Once it seized her, it granted her the knowledge she so desired.


Dark iron protrudes from the arms, looping together to create a system that sends electrical pulses into the body.   Head and skull split-- brain exposed.   Eight eyes placed on both front and back of the head.   Ribs and lungs exposed through torn puritanical-style dress. The ribs, upon close examination, have phrases in some archaic language carved into them.   The Icon of Knowledge does not seem to be in pain, which is certainly a mercy, though a small one.

Cultural Reception

The Icon of Knowledge is a horrific reminder to those who have ventured Beyond the Pines. Her existence keeps an observer aware that this could be their fate, should they fail to protect themselves from the Layered Dark.   The victims of the Icon of Knowledge are covered up by the local population who know about the supernatural. They have an interest in not allowing the Icon to gain more of a foothold than it has.

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