Icebane is a legendary sword made out of Ironbark by the Larani of Laraethien as a present to the ruling jarl of Dremstett.
Not only is Icebane made from a mysterious white-blue wood but it also seems to be covered with a constant layer of frost. Despite that, it feels warm and dry to the touch. The folks of Dremstett claim, that the presence of Icebane keeps away the harsh winter storms, blowing south from the Dragon's Maw.
When once Icebane was lost after a raid by goblins, the town was haunted by a deep, cold mist. People claimed they saw giants shuffling about in the distance and feared their lives would have been lost, were it not for a group of heroes, who recovered the artifact. It is unknown, if the sword itself had summoned the mist-giants or if the region needed to be protected from this specific danger. The Larani never told anyone the truth about this secret.


Protective Charm for Town
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
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