Greybone Curse

The Greybone Curse is an affliction commonly targeting elderly humans or orcs, although there are known cases of younger people afflicted by it. A person having the Greyborn Curse has more and more trouble moving his muscles, his bones grow heavier and movement becomes painful. The skin takes on a grey tint, giving the affliction its name.   The condition typically comes later for magically gifted people but tends to progress much faster than in other people. This led scholars to believe, this condition is affected by the person's ability to channel magic. Some effective meditation techniques seem to further confirm this.


The main cause of this condition seems to be old age -though there are exceptions. The general consensus is, if a human or orc lives long enough, they will eventually be afflicted by this condition. Some side effects and correlations to magical affinity have led healers to believe, that the ability to control the flow of the magic within your own body plays a major role in the condition. The fewer your experience with magic is, the more sooner you might get the Greybone Curse.


The afflicted person will gradually have trouble when moving most of their muscles. They will feel rigid and hard to the touch and the afflicted might feel a sharp pain when moving. These symptoms often worsen over the course of a day but seem to be better directly after sleeping.
Furthermore, the skin of the afflicted will gradually turn grey above the worse hardened muscles.
In the case of magic-users you often can encounter a sharp decrease in the ability to influence the flow of magic overall.


The Greybone Curse will lead to a degradation of the muscles and bones and ultimately to organ failure. Since the person at that stage is often weakened by old age and the condition, the Greybone Curse usually ends in death.


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