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A coldroom is a room that has a way lower temperature than the surrounding area, meant to keep things fresh. It is usually held cold by siphoning off heat with magic into the surroundings and is typically magically warded for heat to get back in after a certain point.
A coldroom is a perfect example of the balance of magic, as its discovery was almost by accident when magoscientists created a heatroom for medical purposes. It was noted then that the area directly next to the room became significantly colder and it soon became its application in its own right.
One difficulty was to find a way to regulate the amount of heat siphoned off. It is possible to achieve a huge difference in temperatures with the right warding material - however this could cause a huge drain on the surrounding magical energy as well as strong air currents.
Tragically, these dangers were only discovered through the losses of the inventor of the coldroom himself and his assistant, who both froze to death in almost an instant, when their project went haywire.

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