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Silvanus is Earth's singular access point to the Nexus, a massive network of pathways that lead to millions of worlds and dimensions. Germaine is Earth's singular Keeper, guardian of doorways to the Nexus. Keepers make sure that doors are opened safely, with no opposition or danger on the opposite side. Safe passage from one doorway to another is also one of their duties.   The Nexus is massive, with millions of worlds spread out to the farthest reaches of existence. Because of this, there are many Keepers scattered across the Nexus. These Keepers are split into groups, and given assignments over certain areas of the Nexus. Germaine is one of 8 Keepers that were given the charge of watching over the corner of the Nexus that Earth inhabits.   There are many darker things lurking in the Nexus. The spaces between pathways are known for attacks by parasitic monsters that drain all life and magic from victims. There are legends of dark magicians that stayed too long in the Nexus, trying to unravel its secrets, that went mad and turned into something horrific and evil that now try to trick others into sharing their fate.   However, this is not the only danger. Sometimes there is distrust and infighting amongst Keepers. Dangerous individuals may leap across worlds in an attempt to escape justice. Entire worlds may be plunged into war. It is the job of the Keepers to ensure that, while evil may not entirely be eradicated, it must be driven back to ensure the worlds they protect can flourish and grow.