Homework #1 - Summer Camp 2019 Preparation

Summercamp is a marathon, and all Marathons needs some planning. They get you motivated and get you ready to go right out of the gate. Give us an WA article that summarizes what you want to cover in Summer Camp

Plan? What do you mean plan?

I'm one of those goofs who just dive into challenges like these, head-first. My tactic is usually to look over all the prompts, see where some random idea just jumps at me and deal with those first, still keeping the others in my mind as I'm working. Sometimes, doing one prompt sparks a related idea for another prompt for delicious, delicious in-world connections. Those ideas are the best since they need the least work to be smoothly integrated into the world without having to change too much.

Now, there might be one small challenge for me for this Summer Camp compared to last year's. I'd barely started getting my world up on World Anvil in July 2018. I had so many things I still had to cover that I knew things about. Now, with 462 articles in different degrees of done-ness, it's a whole new story.

Or is it?

Of those 462 articles currently scattered around my lore in every form from 3-word stub to 3k words long article, I have a total of 244 stubs. That's more than half my total articles right there, ready to be transformed into articles, as shown in the image to the right. And that's not counting the other ideas I have floating around in my mind.

So my plan for Summer Camp 2019 is:

Use the time until Summer Camp to polish old articles, making sure to note down ideas for new articles that could be written.

Look over the prompts list as soon as it's released to search for prompts that fit with any of my stubs or ideas.

Write like the wind!

...But Why So Unspecific, Milladamen?

I've been trying to find out how I can make my brain keep its motivation for stuff for years. What I've found out is that if I decide to do challenges like these in a way where I decide on a specific part of a project to work on my brain will do this:

Look at all those other shiny parts of your project! Looook! You'd much rather work on those, right?


Well, have fun not getting any ideas for the thing you're supposed to work on, then.

— My brain, being as helpful as always

Then, if I do stray from that plan to make a different article outside my defined scope I'll feel super bad and most likely just feel like a failure. That's why I won't give myself a small scope for Summer Camp - I want to have fun doing it, and I want the whole scope of my world to grab ideas from.


The whole world of Shireon.

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4 Jun, 2019 05:10

That is a very, VERY smart way to not only look at the opportunity the summer camps bring but how to plan out your success in advance!   Brilliant!   ...also how I would do it, which I've always called 'piggy-backing'. Have your goals, which you stated above, and then find tasks you are already going to perform and match them with the things they can, in fact, help accomplish at the same time =)   Again,...I think you are brilliant, Milladamen.

Your New Author Friend =)
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