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Shattered Realms

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Welcome to the Dragon Lands brave adventurers, this is your guide to exploring these weird and wonderful lands.
“Back in the golden age the world was whole and happy, but that did not last for the world was sundered by a great cataclysm the likes of which has not been seen before or since. In the turmoil and chaos, the world was saved by celestial dragons who ripped entire continents out of the world and protected them, turning them into void islands that float through the debris of their former homeworld. All that is left of the celestial dragons are large crystals in the centre of each island, maintaining their domains so that life can continue.” – Nielis the Golden, Ancient gold dragon
The Dragon lands is a high fantasy setting with elements of science fiction and dark horror, each of the 6 major islands a relative safe haven for travellers, merchants and common folk. Often rimmed by large void ports where magic meets technology, docked there are great wooden ships modified to cross the void sea with magical charms and colossal starships built purposefully for ventures deep into the space.
“dark things lurk deep in the debris, if you want to head down there you better watch your back” – Captain Dain Johnson of the Void watch
These islands are inhabited by a colourful array of creatures and people, everything from gnomes and another fay to Dragons and their kin. Dotted with cities and towns, each island a nation in it’s own right, some even housing entire empires on their floating mantles After the cataclysm the fabric between realms has been worn thin in places, even ripping in some instances, letting things through from other planes of existence. The area at the centre of the planetary debris is known as “The heart of the void” and is a place of chaos, a place where the laws of reality are seldom obeyed. Some say deep in the heart there is something, lurking, hidden from the world.