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Welcome to Shakllar, a continent of 18 clans of shifters. Each clan takes on their own animal shape and special ability. Each clan expanded their territories via war as their populations grew until it reached the point where they were losing more citizens, money and assets than it was bringing them in. There wasn't anywhere else for them to go. It was treacherous to take to the seas beyond their continent, at least at the level of their technology.


Now, it's been a little over 1000 years that the clans have gotten along. Every five years, the clan leaders get together at Klanen Bilera and discuss continent wide policies and practices. The first story setting is in 1065 ME at the 213th Meeting of the Clans.

Book 1: Zev & Kini:

In a world of shifter clans, will two lost, lonely men find love against their societies' beliefs that not only shouldn't men love one another, but a wolf and a lion shouldn't be together?