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Temple of Hidden Lights

In a previous age, lived a sect dedicated to what can only be assumed as a pretender to the Light. For in this lost temple, mirrors catch the corners and reflect sunlight from now clogged skylights, silvered plates that survive to present day only from the danger of the temple that houses them, and the time it would take to remove it.


From the outside there rises a gnarled and bent tree, dark black bark with rich red fruit on leafless branches. Beside it a irregular drain, mud and water and deitrus funnels itself down sliding into the cave system beneath the world, but stopping briefly to splash against the first platform of the hidden temple.

Fauna & Flora

Vines and rich dark purple fruit grow across the surfaces inside the temple, the source a long abandoned garden where the mother-vine has taken over everything, glutting up the only light in the room and tearing up towards the ceiling.

The Sink has a habit of dragging people away to the past with promises of riches, and never delivering

Alternative Name(s)
The Sink
Underground / Subterranean
Contested By
Lost Gods... and Lost Beings
  Despite the lack of magic, those who escape The Sink, describe impossible things: humanoid figures, with elongated limbs, sunken flesh and tattered rags. They drag themselves through the mud and stagnant water, without making a sound. Of carvings of massive worm like leviathans with a tendril that dangles over its head and massive rows of sharp teeth at the head of a long, seemingly pulsing worm body. And behind it a humanoid that ran sackers have carved from the wall. Frantic scratching, or methodical eliminations on cannot tell.

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