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Lusmos Peg

The pilgrimage of the Light is a Hezten custom for those who worship the Light. A dangerous journey, not just for the places it walks through but also for the conditions it must be done under, it is especially hard for any converted Demid.


The pilgrim is bathed in sand and dust by members of their congregation, then, nude, the robe is bound and fastened around the pilgrim. The pilgrim then binds the anklets, and carves a staff for the next week. The congregation then plants a new tree, and then the pilgrim leaves for the path.

Components and tools

A full body cloth wrap. A staff carved from a living tree. Two anklets made from punched coins on a thread binding.


Journeyers must not arrive within a month each direction of a Ynmo eclipse. It is also unlucky to arrive if Etid is hiding Ynmo's light.

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