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Gods of the Home

While the Demid as a race have generally subscribed to the Big Gods and the humans brought the Light into the cultural mix, and the (Hound species) always subscribed to something a touch smaller. The Gods of the Home are a way of worship to something more, and yet nothing impossible.   It starts with the creation, or moving into the home. When the land is selected, the eldest female goes out into the wilds and hunts for a sign from existance of something greater. It could be the blowing of the wind, or prey where there should be none. A sickly predator could be the clue. But a sample of this 'divine force' is brought back to the house and burried beneath the stone. From then one the sign is a speaking of the God of the Home.   Prayer is done in the morning, before the first hunter leaves the house, or as the packs integrated with the other species, before the head of the house leaves for work. Many carve necklaces from a segment of the house, and if the House God is an animal, this tends to be a lucky charm.

Divine Domains

Hearth, Home, Personal Safety

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A piece of the home, or something natural from where the god was 'captured'
Divine Classification
Current Residence
Burried beneath the basestone of the house.

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