Kindling kindness

The halfling girl stood amidst the roaring fire, the forest ablaze. "I- i didnt mean to! I told you it was dangerous. Please answer me! Please wake up!"   "The flame is a gluttonous beast, once unleashed it will consume all without discretion. if you do not learn to tame the beast, it will consume all, you will consume all."   The next morning she awoke to find a halfling boy with a puzzled look standing over her. The forest was nothing but a smouldering mess.   He prodded the girl with a stick "You dont feel like a spirit, how did you survive the fire?"   Still on the ground staring up she responds dejected "Fire doesnt consume itself." In the distance an old voice can be heard "Garzu, did you find anything?", "Yeah, theres a girl here, i think the smoke got to her!"   "Hey, i'm Garzu Giantfang, what can i call you?", "Anree."   An old looking halfling woman stumbles over some branches "Garzu? -Oh my, is she alright?", "She doesn't look wounded but is acting weird." The old woman walks up "Hello, wheres your family?" Anree looks at her "No, i-...alone, i should go i'm dangerous to be around." Garzu shrugs: "She's not a spirit.", The old woman looks around and curiously asks her "Did you cause the fire?" "Yes." "On purpose?" "...No.", Garzu reaches out a hand "Nana, can she join us for food? Looks like she could use a meal." "Hah, of course, soup should be done by the time we get back, come join us lass." Anree lets herself get pulled up by Garzu "But i burned down your forest." "Haha, hardly. It'l grow back." "But..." Garzu interupts her "We're the Giantfangs, we help the lost find their way, and you look pretty lost to me." "I dont have money." The old woman: "Hah, really? i thought you were hiding a fat coinpurse under those tatters. Don't worry, if you want to leave you can. Just consider taking a free meal first." Anree: "yes please."

Story written for spooktober(flame) 2021.  It might not be halloween-y. But its the start of a story i wanted to write.

Cover image: by Avhaari