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War Dog Transformation

After Ires Droor took power over several Seraph Rae gangs in Yzel in 1062, he began using the drug Celestial as a way to torture prisoners.    In order to do this, he forced his victims to ingest the drug, causing them to become intoxicated. This was done over and over to get the prisoners addicted to the substance. During these times of extreme sensation, Ires mutilated and tortured his captives, everything from peeling back skin and nails to cutting, whipping, branding, and burning. He sought to break their bodies and minds at once. When not physically torturing them, he would get them high and speak, twisting their drug fueled delusions into getting information he wanted about rivals.    Most died as a result of his treatment, but those who survived became so dependent on the drug that they became violent. Ires used this violence to transform his prisoners into something useful for Seraph Rae. Using their need for celestial, he promised they could have it if they completed violent acts for him, often beating or killing those he disliked. If they were killed in the struggle or chased down by law enforcement, Ires did not care and simply sent out another. When the missions were complete, he gave them more of the drug.    After taking over the gang in 1068, Ires expanded his war dog 'training' and now has a small farm of them that he keeps as 'pets'.


The condition is brought on through prolonged torture and drug addiction.


Symptoms of war dog transformation are very similar to the symptoms of celestial addiction. The symptom that sets it apart from regular addiction is the victims' prediliction for violence.
Chronic, Acquired

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