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Mina Hishu

Head of the Public Health Department and wife of Cardus. She is newer to government, working as a doctor prior to joining in administrative work. Her education began in the Eoion Empire and she spent a large amount of time traveling to military camps during the Fourth Great War and treating soldiers. There, she became known as the Lines Angel for her work on both the front and rear lines assisting wounded soldiers. After the war ended, she was given the Imperial Medal of Courage for her work and offered a position in the Public Health Department by Inna, which she initially refused so she could train other doctors. Olha made her the same offer and she accepted as she was growing older and wanted to retire from possible active combat duty. She works closely with Erina. Taras Shiroko  concerns her and she is a bit convinced that the inbreeding is partly responsible for his instability, although the medical knowledge available can’t prove it. She is worried for her husband’s safety, but cannot actively intervene. Erasure  speaks to her often about ways to treat his husband and she wants to research diseases of the mind more fully, particularly those that might be inheritable.

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