ARTtober 2022

I'm working on several different TOBERs this month! Follow along with me on my journey!
WorldAnvil's official October daily prompt challenge. Last year, I added all the prompts into one story. This year, I'm trying to do separate entries. We'll see how it goes...

1. Portrait

I made this cute little fanart for Usagi Riyuki, my Ko-Fi Community Swap partner. I based it on a self-portrait that she had already drawn. The exchange was really fun. She made an emote sticker pack for me. I want to do more with hers, but I think I'll keep it this way for now. Perhaps, if I get more time, I can add to it.


2. Vanish

Why the vanish prompt inspired me to stir up this FizzodaBop logo is not very apparent, I know. Still, without revealing too many spoilers, I'll inform you that it indeed has something to do with the murder mystery I'm working on. I suppose you could also say the in-world brand beverage is so tasty, it will most likely vanish pretty quickly as you chug it down.


3. Abandoned

I instantly jumped over to the Abandoned Warehouse I wrote about this Summer Camp 2022. It also ties in with last year's SpookTober, being the location where Someone and Constance embarked upon their first mission as partners Obligatory Associates. I didn't touch any words in the page, but I did make a blueprint-style cover for it. I tried not to think too hard about things.
Abandoned Warehouse
Building / Landmark | Oct 10, 2022


4. Enchant


5. Misfortune


6. Chasm


7. Thorn

(See Drown) For Thorn, let's visit the garden. So many fountains and grasses and bushes and trees out here. So many places where things can be found. So many thorns where fabric of clothing can be snagged. So many pretty flowers. Even a bench and a view into the mansions many windows. It's quite dark out, this winter's night. I wonder what is going on out here?


8. Howl


9. Mirror

I, unfortunately, can't say much about this one due to spoilers, but the lads' reflections in the pond was the first thing that popped into my head when I read this prompt. I didn't want to venture here, but I did it anyway. It's a replica of a children's crayon drawing from long ago. Perhaps you could call it a singed remnant of a troubled beginning...


10. Broken

I tried to feed two birds with one loaf by drawing some things related to the murder mystery I've been working on lately. Though this circuit breaker in particular wasn't exactly neccessary to illustrate, it didn't hurt to draw for funzies. There will be other visual supplements in-game that actually aid the players with investigation, though. Perhaps we'll cover some soon if they aren't too spoilery...

11. Escape


12. Slime


13. Haunt


14. Ruin


15. Mist


16. Whisper

(See Drown) For Whisper, the kitchen. The kitchen where Someone and Constance whispered to Brenda and Darius asking them an important question... "Have you still got that letter?" Oh, the infamous letter written by Ned Bevy. A death threat. A spilling of secrets he never thought would see the light of day again. But, they took the wretched cursed paper and saved it from the flames....


17. Shadow


18. Spirit


19. Relic


20. Unquiet


21. Shatter


22. Lock

(See Drown) For Lock, take a look at the stairwell to the garden... the door to the outside was locked, but now it's not. I wonder what happened? Thirteen people in the mansion... we'll see how things go. Perhaps there is evidence outside by the fountain? In the trees? In the brush? Or maybe Darius simply forgot to lock the door. He can be careless sometimes, that one, can't he?


23. Door

(See Drown) For Door, there are all sorts of doors all over the mansion, but the grandest doors are the entrance doors that lead into the elaborate foyer. Two knight suits greet you, a lush lovely rug cushions your feet. Two plants on either side and beautiful tiling leads down the hallway, wonderfully lit with lamps between each of the doorways. Lots to explore in here.


24. Curse


25. Posses

(See Drown) For Possess, I direct your attention to the Secret Chambers room in the mansion, a privy place where Brenda and Darius Nellindill store some of their private possessions. This room is located in a separated compartment that can be accessed from the study and the bedroom. This place is not one where the average guest should venture. Many aren't even aware of it's existence...


26. Abyss


27. Echo


28. Darkness

(See Drown) For Darkness, we visit the basement where it appears the breaker box has been tampered with. Due to this, the basement's no longer the only dark room. The entire Nellindill residence has plunged into blackness, drawing gasps from nearly every guest. Who is responsible for this madness? Lieutennant suggests that things would be different if the couple used solar pannels instead of traditional electric.


29. Hunt


30. Tear

I decided to make this minimalist, abstract art that had nothing really to do with anything in particular. It could be a piece in a gallery at the Nellindill mansion or it can just be its own standalone work. The word tear can be pronounced in two ways with two different meanings, but crying tears is what came to my mind whenever I read the word.


31. Drown

Technically, I drowned in prompts (and work), so that counts. I'll also add together a few of these at the last minute into a map I've been working on all month. This is a floorplan of the Nellindill Mansion, the setting where my work in progress murder mystery takes place. Hopefully I'll finish it out soon. I wanted to upload the audio, but I couldn't yet.  
Nellindill Mansion

One of the most popular October drawing prompt challenges.

1. Gargoyle


2. Scurry


3. Bat


4. Scallop


5. Flame

(See Drown) For Flame, we have the cozy parlor where a warm and inviting fireplace awaits all. There are thirteen people gathered around it, a Lieutenant, a politician, an influencer, a university student, a Fizzodabop representative, a billionaire, a reporter, a recycling manager, a conservationist, two "private investigators" aka willowisp agents, and Brenda and Darius, the owners of the mansion and the newly dubbed Nellindill Packaging company.


6. Bouquet

A random art piece. The proportions aren't exactly as I'd like them, but, it's InkTober! I'm trying not to think too hard about it. It turned out okay, considering. Perhaps it could be used as a painting somewhere in the Nellindill Mansion for my upcoming murder mystery, or serve as some other set piece in the second escape room I'm trying to put together. Who knows?


7. Trip


8. Match


9. Nest


10. Crabby


11. Eagle


12. Forget

This prompt reminded my brother and Twitch stream chatter WildZooGuy of "memory wiping", which ultimately inspired me to draw this W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. poster advertising The Styrax (which he later dubbed an interesting display of "passive-aggressive corporatism"). The infamous "recovery resort island" is always presented to agents in an inviting manner, but ominous threats and creepy undertones of the establishment's speculated Erasure rumors bleed through every offputting ad.


13. Kind


14. Empty


15. Armadillo


16. Fowl


17. Salty


18. Scrape


19. Ponytail


20. Bluff


31. Farm

SwallowtailedTrinket has compiled her own list of prompts and plans on drawing dragons for every day in October. I'll try what I can in this area, but I probably won't make them all dragons. :)

31. Plant


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