Second Chances

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Soulmates are a real phenomenon, but a rare one. Most people live out their entire lives without finding their soulmate, so most people aren’t actively looking for them. Because of this, marriage is no longer a universal institution. When people care for each other, they can claim “matched” status, meaning they are intending to spend a portion of their lives together, building toward something together. This is usually a non-monogamous arrangement with no legal complications to ending if either partner decides the relationship is over. Occasionally, matching ends due to one partner changing to “mated” status, meaning they have found their soulmate. Mated status resembles being matched, though is more commonly monogamous.   For the people who find their soulmates, there is only one chance. It is unheard of for anyone to have a second soulmate.   Soulmating is not always permanent, either. When mates find each other, they are both given a variety of visions of their life together, often with both witnessing the same unique event that signals the end of their mating. While soulmates are rare, even rarer are the mates who witness their final event being the other’s death. These visions are triggered by the couple’s first meaningful kiss.