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Half-Dead Syndrome

Half-Dead Syndrome is the end result of a world in which the gods exist, the realms of the dead may be accessed with magic, and those with quicksilver forms may be brought back from the dead.   The condition is not contagious but it is also thought to be a myth by much of the population that has yet to witness it for themselves. To those unaware, HDS's manifestation can seem especially nightmarish and painful despite its entirely painless nature.   What's more, not all of the resurrected bear signs of how they died. Some do, however. Bludgeoning victims have been known to return to life with stitching scars across their foreheads and backs. Drowning victims can sometimes still have the bloodshot eyes that come with an inability to breathe. This goes on.   Some do not remember how they died, but all come back with the awareness that they had, indeed, passed away.

Transmission & Vectors

Thankfully, the condition cannot be transmitted. It is locked entirely onto its host once it appears.


Half-Dead Syndrome occurs very rarely when a shape-shifting individual of any kind is resurrected from the dead realms.   In cases of the Syndrome manifesting, the sufferer returns from the dead entirely cognizant and much the same we they were before with one exception. The individual is not able to leave the form they return in.   This form is unique to each individual, but in all cases, the individual is locked partway between their base form and their shape-shifting form.   Depending on which Hild the deceased went to, they may bear marks of the dead world. Those in the Hild of Dakra Rom, for example, always have a mark of a gator head on one of their palms, if they are returned from her Hild to the Half-Dead state.

Affected Groups

Any age and species of shape-shifting individual who gets resurrected.

Cultural Reception

Reaction depends on the culture.
Extremely Rare


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